Greeting from Vammala, Finland

Dear Tuija,
the pleasure of the conversation was mine, too. We can speak at tuesday, the of September at 12-13.00 Kiel time. I use the skype version Beta 4 , so the video should be better than last time. I found the skypeadress of Kari.  At the suggested time I start  a conference meeting of skype ( inviting you, Kari, Horst and Barbara)  and then we can use the mikogo room to make a websafari or to show pictures or ppt from our own computer.
Do you know posterous, you can have your own blog, only by using email and attachement. Have a look at In this blog Horst will make a short documentation of all the events during our project time. You can see the result of sending this letter to  my posterous at You can see there the attached  picture.
Looking forward to speaking at tuesday.
Best wishes

2008/9/12 Tuija

Dear Uta,

Thank you very much for our most interesting conversation today.

I spoke to my colleague  Kari just now, and we would like to suggest to you a meeting on Skype on Tuesday at 13-14 Finnish time, 12-13 Kiel time. Would that be ok for you?

Kind regards,



pictures from Venice